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Fast titles for final cut pro

What does it mean? >
New feature What does it mean? >

1Paste the text to be split in subtitles

2Select your version of Final Cut

3Download an xml file containing all the subtitles already separated in clips in the browser

What is Fast titles?

Fast titles is a project born from the need of making the insertion of subtitles while video editing faster.

How can you help us?

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We expect suggestions, ideas and corrections for the next release


To all those who helped us.
Maurizio Massari

Localization & QA Professional

Feedback and ideas

Kim (He had the first idea), Ugo Flandina (He suggested the gap function)

Eric Guichaoua

He worked since 2000 in the broadcast area in Paris, mainly for corporate communication, TV channel and brand advertising. Since 2014, He works in the educational area, directing project in broadcast and multimedia fields.
Specialized in post-production, He also evaluate tools that allows people to easily share and collaborate on projects.

Here the French version in download