Final Cut to Motion

Motion 5 roundtrip from Final Cut Pro X

Upload a file with .fcpxml extension and click "export file":

What is Final cut motion?

Final cut to motion is a free app for sending the whole timeline from Final Cut to Motion. Just export your project as .fcpxml (File > Export XML), upload it above and download a motion project.

It is still a beta version, and we plan to improve it.

How can you help us?


  • Video Clips
  • Images
  • Secondary Storylines
  • Inspector parameters

We would like to implement soon:

  • Titles
  • Generators
  • Retiming
  • Keyframes
  • Audio Clips
  • Markers
  • Freeze Frames

  • .. Any Ideas? :-)

Doesn't support:

  • Effects
  • Color
  • Transitions
  • Compound Clips
  • Multicam clips

Features not found in Motion

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We expect suggestions, ideas and corrections for the next release